From the Critics

ATC has allowed my kids to grow and thrive in everything from performing and friendships, to leadership, backstage, and tech, both hands on in productions an in class settings. There are so many educational opportunities for homeschoolers as well! The instructors are amazing and the kids are making incredible bonds. As a parent and a volunteer, I would highly recommend ATC!

— Carrie

We have participated in many theatres, in many different cities, and –at last — we have found the perfect one. Children are safe to gather this theatre’s many fruits: self-confidence, the spirit of cooperation, problem-solving skills, self discipline, and trust. At Around the Curtain, the children are able to discover and learn from patient, gentle, talented instructors without the hindrance of complication brought on by the subversive incorporation of social issues. Kids can be kids. For a parent who has been blindsided too many times by covert attempts to educate my child in matters unrelated to theatre, I can only say that my appreciation for ATC is immeasurable. We are finally in our theatre home.

— Cammie

ATC has allowed my children to find new passions and skills in a positive and nurturing atmosphere. We have enjoyed all of the classes and productions and look forward to more opportunities to enjoy theatre!

— Jennifer

We love ATC! Not only are they learning how to perform on stage, but also what goes on off stage. Most importantly, they are making lasting friendships and learning great values. The creativity and the way they make each child and family feel important and special always leaves me with a wonderful sense of amazement. We are very grateful to be a part of such an amazing theatre!

— Diana