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Benefits of Theatre:
1. Builds confidence
2. Teaches how to shake it off, learn, grow, and try again and again
3. Builds teamwork skills and the knowledge that it’s not all about you
4. Reveals a world of different cultures and time periods
5. Lets your voice be heard
6. Enhances empathy and lets us express our emotions
7. Demands discipline
8. Teaches that sometimes you need to take a risk for the reward
9. Provides a safe place for students to learn that constructive criticism and feedback are there to help you grow
10. Opens a whole new world beyond imagination

Are you ready to dive into the world of theatre? ATC has many options, both on and off the stage. There is constantly a production in the works, so be sure to follow us for auditions, and check out our workshops and classes to discover what else is unfolding at the Studio.

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