Cost & Fees

The mission of ATC is to keep the arts affordable for all children within our community. Financial requirements associated with enrollment and participation are set solely to cover operating costs. Leadership of ATC is all volunteer with no financial compensation. If unable to afford the fees for whatever reason, families are encouraged to request Financial Aid found under the About Us tab.

Semester Classes: $225 per semester
Beginning Orchestra: $160 per semester
Junior and Senior Choir: $65 per semester
*Production Fees vary according to licensing


Want to take everything? Then try the ATC Membership! Membership with ATC opens a door for unlimited learning possibilities! Membership is not required for class registration, productions, or any other activity associated with ATC. It is solely designed to assist with keeping costs affordable for families. All classes are open to non-members at the set fee per class, workshop, and/or production.

Membership Inclusions:
In-house ATC Classes
Production Fees
Discounted Contract Classes
Discounted Workshops
Discounted Camps

12 Month Membership
Single Child: $99.00
2 Children: $140.99
3+ Children: $185.99

6 Month Membership
Single Child: $125.00
2 Children: $168.00
3+ Children: $222.00

I love ATC because of the people and the producer and the fun! I feel like I fit in here. I’m surrounded by new people and I feel so welcome. I’ve learned that you can’t just say words and dance – you have to put in effort to make the show come alive.
~Amelia, 11

I like ATC because I make a lot of new friends, and I like doing theatre because it’s fun to portray different characters. I’ve learned that theatre isn’t just a bunch of people saying lines. It’s a lot more than that. You have to act and put feeling into it, you can’t just say lines. My favorite part of theatre is seeing how it comes out in the end.
~Andrew, 9