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How to Register

  1. Create an account at the “Register Now” link above.
  2. Once the Family Account has been created and students added, search and register for the classes of your choice.

*For registering Member Families, please contact ashlan@aroundthecurtain.org after completing your family account and prior to registering for classes so that the costs may be adjusted accordingly.

Membership with ATC

Memberships with ATC open a door for unlimited learning possibilities! Options include 6 and 12 month blocks with payment plans. Membership enables students to take an unlimited number of directly affiliated ATC classes, including productions, and reduced fees for classes with partners and contracted instructors. Membership is not required to be an ATC student! All classes and productions have their listed fees for those that are not Members. Members are excluded from fees or have discounted rates for those classes which are contracted in.

12 Month Membership
Single Child: $99.00
2 Children: $140.99
3+ Children: $185.99
6 Month Membership
Single Child: $111.11
2 Children: $166.00
3+ Children: $222.00

*Please note, these amounts are paid each month for the duration of the membership.

I love ATC because of the people and the producer and the fun! I feel like I fit in here. I’m surrounded by new people and I feel so welcome. I’ve learned that you can’t just say words and dance – you have to put in effort to make the show come alive.
~Amelia, 11

I like ATC because I make a lot of new friends, and I like doing theater because it’s fun to portray different characters. I’ve learned that theater isn’t just a bunch of people saying lines. It’s a lot more than that. You have to act and put feeling into it, you can’t just say lines. My favorite part of theater is seeing how it comes out in the end.
~Andrew, 9