Uncle Phil’s Diner

The diner is packed because P.J., Uncle Phil’s nephew, has overbooked the restaurant with Christmas parties. Our characters navigate the chaos by keeping the crowd entertained with music, games, and holiday spirit. The wait staff even throws in a nostalgic gift for Uncle Phil and stages the Nativity as a final touch to the evening. Join in on the fun with this interactive dinner theatre for the whole family!

The cast is strongly encouraged to take the improv class in preparation for these roles. Performances are December 16th and 17th in Holy Spirit School’s Auditorium.

Auditions are accepted virtually to include a monologue or reading and a short song, or may be in person by request. Send your audition video and any questions to aroundthecurtaincct@gmail.com.

*This show includes a $50 costuming fee.

Cast of Characters:

Uncle Phil – diner owner/cook; 20 years cooking in the Navy taught Phil a thing or two. That’s why Uncle Phil’s such an extensive menu. Nobody sports an apron like Uncle Phil, or grease stains. He runs the Diner with an iron spatula. Well, he thinks he runs the place…but between Mom, P.J, and Flodene’s “help” he has his hands full.

Mom – A crazy hybrid of Aunt Bea and Mama, this is Uncle Phil’s doting mother. She was quite a gal back in her day, the MidWest Polka Queen of 1930 – 33. She loves to “suggest” things to Phil. Her hearing challenge and cane don’t seem to hold Mom back and she’s always right in the think of the action…well, between naps, that is.

P.J. the D.J – Uncle Phil’s nephew that works at the diner after his mother twisted Phil’s arm to get him a job. He fancies himself kind of a game show host, lounge lizard, and (bad) wedding deejay, all rolled into one, but he is also a very nice and giving person. P.J. is the emcee for the evening and always smooth, never flustered. It was P.J’s idea to rent out the Diner as a banquet facility, which has resulted in a much more profitable, and busy, holiday season.

Flodene – the head waitress, what would Phil do without her? She’s undoubtedly the queen of all diner waitresses. Wisecracking, New Jersey born, Flodene takes pride in serving her customers. “Does your mother know you eat with those hands?” Flodene is multitalented. She can take your order, correct your table manners, and yell at Phil in a single breath.

Violet – waitress in training, ditsy, and forgetful, but very sincere, if somewhat clueless. Violet is fresh out of the Tri-State Waitress Academy, and she has chosen to work under a true legend in the waitress world, Flodene. Even though she is equipped with Flodene’s personally penned manual “Waitressing – Career or Catastrophe? The Real Story,” Violet is not as quick to pickup the important aspects of waitressing.

Wally – the classic stereotype of the nerd, he is a little forgetful so keeps his milk money in an envelope pinned to his shirt pocketed – labeled, of course. He is the reigning chess champion at this school and in the top of his class academically. Wally is having trouble deciding which girl to ask to the Winter Formal, and as he looks throughout the evening, he fails to see the one girl that has been there in front of him all along.

Gertie – the ultimate female Brainiac, or Gertrude Agnes Liggonberger to her friends. Gertie is a bit more than socially challenged. Her affinity for calculus and Greek history does not attract the fellows, but Gertie is an optimist. She knows her Prince Charming is out there. She’s hoping he realizes that they were made for each other and asks her to the Winter Formal tonight.

Agnes – What can we say about Agnes? This is a girl whose fervent hobby is to collect dryer lint to create replicas of national monuments. Agnes has been taken under the wing of Gertie, the reigning girl nerd at Uncle Phil’s, and, true to Gertie’s example, Agnes is looking for love at the Diner. In fact, she’s more than smitten with the loyal scout, Billy Mayfield.

Hazel – the hostess, Hazel is one tough cookie with an attitude. Flodene’s baby sister and hostess extraordinaire, she’ll tell you where to go – sit that is. Hazel considers herself a fashion maven and with little or no prompting, she’ll give you her opinion about your apparel. Hazel reads all the movie mags so she knows what’s hip and what’s not.

LaVonna – the beautician, think beauty school dropout. LaVonna is an aspiring, more like perspiring, beautician to the stars. Try though she may, LaVonna has had a bit of trouble graduating from the 13 beauty schools she has attended. Lucky for LaVonna, there’s always Uncle Phil’s where her cousin Flodene holds a job open for her. The only problem is, LaVonna can’t seem to stay out of people’s hair, literally!

Richie – a clean cut, all American boy, Richie is perpetually running for class president. So far, he has not been able to win. He is working the crowd for votes all night long and constantly talking about his numerous political platforms such as bringing back macaroni and cheese with little smokies to the hot lunch menu.

Natalie Crawford: class president, very competent and in charge, she is the current president of Evergreen High and the nemesis of Richie. Natalie is always campaigning for the next election and certainly enjoys needling Richie about his inability to remove her from office.

Tanya Petrelli – grease monkey with a Brooklyn accent, Tony comes straight from his job as a car mechanic every day to work at Uncle Phil’s. The only problem is he doesn’t bother to clean up much. He is still wearing his stained coveralls, complete with a ragged red towel and a bottle of window cleaner.

Julie Knight – an avid surfer, Jimmy is just waiting tables until he’s discovered and makes it big as an actor in Hollywood. Since acting is his life, he’s always going to have one or two, or three or four, drama scenes with him at all times and he’s going to need some of the customers to help him practice his lines.

Billy Mayfield – Billy has been named Boy Scout of the year two years running and is a recent recipient of the Friends of the Wilderness Critters badge. Right now, he’s working extra hard to become an Eagle Scout because he’s a little behind in his merit badges.

Scoop McGinty: an ace reporter for the Evergreen Pine Cone, Scoop is convinced there are sinister motives behind almost everything. His current quest is to prove a rumor about a Moscow Waffle being introduced at the International House of Pancakes.

Bunny Sue and Midge – cheerleaders and perpetual pepsters, these two fancy themselves the loudest, most peppy cheerleaders in town.

JoJo “The Rocket” Fultz – the star quarterback for the football team, captain of the basketball team, varsity baseball, and so forth, you name it, he’s got a letter on his jacket for it.

Candy and Vivian – the pink ladies, tough and sassy girls, and bad to the bone.

Rose – the third pink lady that has changed a little. She no longer wants to rumble, but would rather knit sweaters for her puppy.

Janice – the music obsessed teengaer that knows everything about who’s who in the music world

Carla – bobby soxer, and the nicest girl you’d ever want to meet, and she’s tired of it! She longs for something more dangerous and decides, after P.J. makes a joke about it, that she wants to be in the Pink Ladies.

9 children between ages 4 and 10 for Narrator, Angel, Mary, Joseph, 2 Shepherds, and 3 Wise Men