Upcoming Auditions

Audition Dates: Saturday, May 6th by scheduled time or Virtual (emailed)
Audition Location: ATC Studio 10300 Bailey Cove Rd. Suite 7
Auditions Open To: Students 4th – 12th grades
Rehearsal Schedule: Rehearsals are scheduled on Monday and Friday evenings, and Saturday mornings. Upon auditioning, students will fill out an availability questionnaire. Candidate availability is a factor in final casting decisions.
Performance Dates: July 14th – 15th (possible 13th)
Description: Hold on to your hair and prepare for a brand new magical musical re-telling of the classic fairy tale! On the edge of glory, the evil Lady Za Za determines to rule the kingdom by keeping the beautiful Princess Rapunzel – with the long, long, long hair – trapped in a tower in the deep, dark, dank, dismal, dreary forest. It’ll be up to Sir Roderick and his hair stylist friend Edgar (who is on a quest to find the perfect head of hair) to rescue Princess Rapunzel and restore the kingdom – with the help of a slightly neurotic Gypsy Woman – isn’t there one in every fairy tale? and a tired, yet witty, old dragon named Socrates – who has lost his poof!

How to Audition
1. Sign up for an audition slot here: Click Here (New students must pay enrollment fee prior to signing up in order to hold the audition slot)
2. Complete and bring a completed form that lists ALL conflicts for the rehearsal period – a detailed schedule is crafted based off of conflicts
3. Bring a copy of a bio and a headshot
4. Prepare a 60 second monologue and 30 – 60 seconds of singing to be presented to the Audition Panel

Unable to Attend?
We will accept video auditions submitted to aroundthecurtaincct@gmail.com no later than Thursday, May 6th at 12:00 PM. Please perform a monologue and song and submit with a completed audition form, headshot, and bio.

Final Casting
The cast list will be posted once the final casting decisions have been made.

*This production has a $100 production fee. Fee is included in membership.